About Us

Stand for Better is a political action committee dedicated to producing media to fight for basic, liberal, American issues such as voting rights, a clean environment, fairness, and stable democracy. We call out Trumpism and bullshit where we see it. Founded in the summer of 2021, we are a small group of people from across a political spectrum. We don’t always agree, but we care deeply about our country and realize our Democracy is hanging by a thread.

Even though Trump was defeated in 2020, Trumpism was not. The Republican Party has become a Trump cult that demands loyalty at any cost and embraces radical lawmakers such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and sellouts like Kevin McCarthy, while it shuns traditional conservatives like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. With this kind of radicalization coupled with spinelessness, it’s more important than ever to Stand For Better.

We rely on individual donations to produce content you can share and take absolutely no pay, neither directly nor through shell companies. We hope our messaging helps inspire our friends, neighbors, and followers to keep voting and actively engaging in preserving our democracy and our environment.

Founded by Emmy Winning entertainment professional Matt Ford in July of 2020, he brings his media experience to politics, media, and satire.  We may be found on Twitter @StandForBetter

Federal Election Commission FEC ID: C00758672